Dangerous Ends

Pete’s days of chasing murderous killers are behind him. Or are they?

Coming April 11

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Down the Darkest Street

When faced with pure darkness, would you fold or fight?

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Silent City

Pete Fernandez finds himself dragged into a tale of murder, drugs, double-crosses and memories bursting from the black heart of the Miami underworld

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Classic PI fiction in the best sense

Laura Lippman

Squalid, sun-drenched noir at its best

Kelly Braffet

Pitch perfect in the key of hard-boiled

Reed Farrel Coleman


Crime fiction


Archie Comics


Writing, Pop Culture, and More

A noir page-turner…Segura is a writer to watch.

Sara Gran

Tense and taut. A series not to be missed.

Megan Abbott

Cool, compelling, and completely believable

Hank Phillippi Ryan

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Unlawful Acts on DANGEROUS ENDS

But what makes Dangerous Ends really succeed is Segura’s central character, Pete Fernandez. Like his fictional hard-boiled detective predecessors, Fernandez is broken, but unlike them, he is deliberately on the mend. Fernandez might slip in his journey through...

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Do Some Damage on DANGEROUS ENDS

As I've found from the start with the Pete Fernandez books, Segura's writing has a smooth flow and just the right rhythm. He doesn't write flashy prose, but he virtually never writes an awkward sentence.  It helps make the novels exceedingly readable, and I zipped...

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