First off, San Diego Comic-Con was a blast — saw a lot of great friends, contacts and colleagues and made a slew of new ones. We had some major announcements, busy panels and I got to sign comics with Gene Simmons and the Archie Meets Kiss creative team of artist Dan Parent and Rich Koslowski. The show’s always a blur for me, but I’ve yet to come out of one without a slew of wonderful memories. I’m still exhausted and my sense of time is out of whack, but it was worth it. Here are a few things you may have missed:

• AOL’s Comics Alliance announced Archie vs. KISS, the sequel to Archie Meets KISS, by yours truly and artist Dan Parent. The article also spotlights Dan’s career, which is worth a read! (Comics Alliance)

Newsarama spoke to me on the con floor about our big announcements, including Archie Meets Glee, Archie’s deal with MAC Cosmetics and the aforementioned Archie vs. KISS. (Newsarama)

• A Spanish newspaper in Fresno mentioned me in a story about SDCC, along with Image’s Jennifer de Guzman. (Hola Ciudad)

• Everyone should take a minute to read Tom Spurgeon’s essay on his weight loss and recent San Diego experience. I was very happy to see Tom at the show, as always, but doubly so because of how energetic and healthy he looked. Keep it up, man. (Comics Reporter)

• Unrelated to San Diego, but still noteworthy – Grantland on the Blur reunion and the Olympics. (Grantland)