• Miami’s own Sweat Records is spotlighted on Matador Records’ blog! Very cool. Wonder if they carry The Modern Handshake? (Matador Records, via Emma Trelles)

Four-Color Shadows has some interesting Tiffany Sinn Jim Aparo pages up. (hat tip to The Comics Reporter)

• There’s a plan to bring basketball back to Seattle, apparently. (Grantland)

 Tom Gauld’s Ray Bradbury tribute. (Casual Optimist)

Six strange cases of science fiction trademarks. (io9)

• This is cool: My friend and great writer G. Willow Wilson talks to David Gutowski at Largeheartedboy about her new book, Alif the Unseen as part of the blog’s regular “Book Notes” spotlight. Check it out, buy the book! (Largeheartedboy)

• Matt Groening has ended his Life in Hell strip after 32 years. (Robot 6)

• This Archie story gave me nightmares as a kid. (AOL Comics Alliance)

• Author Lindsay Buroker asks: Can writing in multiple genres hurt your sales potential? (Lindsay Buroker)