As you can probably tell I work in Publishing. So once or so a week I get Publisher’s Weekly newsletter to my inbox to stay up on the game. One article that caught my eye was about Alex Segura, a crime novelist who works at Archie Comics for his day gig. The head line got me into the article and I stayed in until I decided to order the first book Silent City. I ended up reading the third book in the series, Dangerous Ends as well but am saving the second book for some rainy day. There’s so much to read man! The main character Pete Fernandez is an affable ex-newspaper man, ex alcoholic in living in Miami. Pete feels real by the time you’ve read a book. He feels like someone you know by a second. This is a testament to Alex’s skill in bringing his character to life. He Frankensteined it with words. Below is an interview I did with Alex via e-mail.

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