One of the best things about writing Silent City was the warm welcome I’ve gotten from the mystery community over the years. I’ve made some lasting friendships and learned a lot from fellow authors. Some were even willing to read Silent City prior to publication – and they seem to dig it! I’m extremely grateful for that, but more grateful for the new friendships and priceless advice I’ve gotten throughout the writing, editing and publishing process.

Codorus Press has been tweeting out some of the advance praise Silent City has gotten over the last few weeks, but I thought it might be helpful to put it all in one place. It also gives me the chance to remind you that you can pre-order the book on Amazon and that you can add it to your to-read shelf on Goodreads. It goes on sale Oct. 29 as a print and ebook, which is not that far away (said the guy also planning a wedding for next month…)!

More importantly, this post allows me a moment to suggest some great authors you should all dive into: Brad Meltzer, Jeff Abbott, Chris F. Holm and Andrew Grant are all must-reads for me, and really wonderful people. I’m lucky to know them and you should definitely check out their books when you have the chance.

Oh, right. The praise! Here it is:

“Murder, mayhem, Miami…and every character has their own great taste in music. Silent City knows that every city has its own dark and twisted personality. And so do its inhabitants. Take a chance and step inside.” – Brad Meltzer, #1 New York Times bestselling author of THE INNER CIRCLE, as well as the bestsellers THE TENTH JUSTICE, DEAD EVEN, THE FIRST COUNSEL, THE MILLIONAIRES, THE ZERO GAME, THE BOOK OF FATE and THE BOOK OF LIES

“Miami glows hot in this debut – Alex Segura is a name to watch.” – Jeff Abbott, New York Times bestselling author of DOWNFALL

“In Silent City, Segura shines a light on a Miami not often seen, one in which neon and glitz are supplanted by the hardscrabble grit of folks just trying to get by. Silent City is a coiled snake, twist after twist bringing you ever closer to its final, stinging bite.” – Chris F. Holm, bestselling author of DEAD HARVEST, THE WRONG GOODBYE and THE BIG REAP

“Silent City is a top-notch thriller. The action is non-stop, the tension is relentless, and in Pete Fernandez, Alex Segura has created the most compelling, original, and complex multi-layered hero I’ve encountered in years.” – Andrew Grant, bestselling author of EVEN, DIE TWICE and MORE HARM THAN GOOD