This is a fun one.

Some background: Rob Hart is a friend and also a killer crime novelist. You should all read his debut Ash McKenna novel, New Yorked. We’re also both published by Polis Books, which is run by the great Jason Pinter. Rob and I are also big comic book fans.

So, cut to dinner a few months back and Rob and I are chatting about comic book crossovers and how cool they were as a kid. Why don’t mystery writers do the same thing? Light bulb. You can probably figure out the rest.

Really excited to announce the arrival of Bad Beat, a digital short story written by Rob and I coming in January that features Pete Fernandez crossing paths with Ash McKenna in a prequel to New Yorked and the first Pete book, Silent City. The short story will also feature the first chapters of both, serving as a great promo tool for our respective series.

Want to know more? Rob and I talk about the process at LitReactor. You can also pre-order Bad Beat at the usual places. Hope you enjoy!