The Day Job made some big news recently. In case you missed it, go here.

With that in mind, I did three interviews that involve you listening to my voice – one for local Seattle radio, a guest spot at Comic Book Club Live last Tuesday and another for top comic news site COMIC VINE. They let me ramble for over an hour – thanks, guys! All three are mainly about comics and the Death of Archie, but Comic Book Club and Comic Vine both allowed to chat a bit about Silent City and Down the Darkest Street. So, check ’em out!

Also, last week I posted my third Do Some Damage blog post. This one touched on reviews and how to deal with them – good and bad. It’s a lesson I haven’t fully embraced myself, so I figured readers and fellow writers might get something out of my experience:

The best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten about reviews came from a writer friend a few months before Silent City came out. I asked her – how do you deal with bad reviews? “I don’t read them,” she said. “Good or bad.” I thought this was amazing. Mostly because I couldn’t imagine anyone giving her a bad review, but also because on some level it felt really liberating – here was a way to just excise all the anxiety, fear and anger that comes with any kind of commentary on the work. It’s perfect!