Been knee-deep in revisions the last few days, so this is going up a tad late. But, in case you missed it, I had the pleasure of chatting with my old friend Chris Arrant over at Robot 6, the daily news blog of top comic book news site Comic Book Resources. Check out that fancy header!

Some of the questions discuss my day job, but there’s plenty of Silent City discussion going on, too – including a tease for the second Pete Fernandez book, Down the Darkest Street:

There’s a definite arc to Pete’s story – the second book, Down the Darkest Street, is a much, well, darker book. It explores the difficulty one faces when trying to improve yourself and the gray areas of life – relationships, your past and desires. Basically, it’s not easy – and it’s sometimes a series of peaks and valleys. By the end of Silent City, not to give too much away, the reader is left with a smidgen of hope that Pete will be OK. That’s demolished in the first page of Down the Darkest Street, and it gets worse from there.