Earlier this month, you got a peek at the cover to SILENT CITY – the first Pete Fernandez novel being reissued by Polis Books in March. Well, I’ve got another one for you – a look at the cover to DOWN THE DARKEST STREET, the sequel to SILENT CITY, hitting in April of 2016, also from Polis. I love the series look Polis Books Publisher Jason Pinter and his team came up with for these – noir and modern and tropical all at once!

Needless to say, things get grimmer for poor Pete in book 2 – you’ll want to pick this up in April, or start the whole series in March with the new version of SILENT CITY.

Also on the book front, I’m happy to confirm that there will be audiobook versions of both Silent City and Down the Darkest Street available on each book’s respective release date via Audible and Polis. Additionally, you can pre-order print copies of the SILENT CITY reissue, digital info coming soon.