I have a website! Thanks to the super-talented Jason Dean (hat tip to my friend Sean T. Collins for the suggestion), I now have my very own bit of Internet real estate. This’ll be a place for me to share my thoughts on books, movies, TV and such, and to keep you all posted on my writing, music and more.

Wait, who the heck are you, Alex? Well, I write comics, crime novels and play in a rock band. I also work as the PR guy at Archie Comics. Before that, I did PR at DC Comics, where I contributed to the daily Source blog. I’m also engaged to the wonderful Eva. I’m a lucky guy. We have two cats: David Byrne and Mimi.

You can find out more about me by visiting the Writing, Music and About sections of this site. You can also enjoy silly cat photos, music videos and art I like over at my Tumblr. If you want to see what time I wake up in the morning or what music I’m listening to, follow me on Twitter. If you prefer Facebook, I have an “author” page there, too. Feel free to “like” it, as the kids say.

Welcome to my site! Hope you survive the experience.