ALEX SEGURA’S LATEST NOVEL, Dangerous Ends, opens in 1959 Cuba with someone refusing a deal from Che Guevara. That act of dissent sets off a series of violent, terrifying events. Segura is no stranger to a high-stakes story — the previous book of his Pete Fernandez series found the private investigator chasing a serial killer. Nonetheless, there’s something particularly urgent about this new investigation, which weaves Cuba-Miami politics with gang-related power grabs and law enforcement corruption. It’s a confirmation that noir hasn’t run out of tricks and just might be the ideal vehicle to explore our current moment.

In addition to this series, Segura is the author of numerous comic books, including successful contributions to the Archie canon. We corresponded via email about the links between this art form and mystery novels, the flexibility of memory, and the hurdles of fan expectations. Perhaps most revealing, Segura sums up his stance on crime as “inherently about passion and desire.” It’s little wonder that his Miami-based novels explore these twin emotions, showing how a city is darker — and more scandalous — than its postcards.

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