What a week!

In addition to the day job, things were pretty hectic in book-land, with three events – all of which I outlined right here.

Big thanks to MWA-NY, Boundless Tales Reading Series and Noir at the Bar NYC for inviting me to participate in these readings. I had a blast, got to chat with some great author friends – new and old, including Richie Narvaez, Todd Robinson, Jason Starr, Hilary Davidson, Bryon Quertermous, Tim O’Mara, Scott Adlerberg, Kimberly McCreightAnthony Rainone, Jeff SomersAlbert TucherGeorgia Clark, Mandy Kelso, Sara Lippmann, Leah Zibulsky, Dave White, Terrence McCauley and Sweta Srivastava Vikram  – and read from not only Silent City, but the next Pete Fernandez book, Down the Darkest Street, too!

Additionally, that Silent City playlist I mentioned not long ago was spotlighted at one of my favorite blogs, Largeheartedboy. Not only did they link to the Spotify soundtrack to Silent City, but they let me riff a bit on why I put certain songs on the list, and how music influenced the writing process. Check it out, and bookmark the blog – it’s a great read.

The relationship between music and Silent City is front and center, from the first page on. It kicks off with a Dylan quote from “Idiot Wind,” which a dear friend of mine had described as her favorite song lyric ever, and which really encapsulated what the book is about – that sense of anger, rejection and desolation we all feel at one point or another toward a former lover or life itself: “I kissed goodbye the howling beast on the borderline which separated you from me.”

In addition to all that, I’m excited to announce I’ve joined the amazing crime fiction writer group blog, Do Some Damage as a regular contributor. You can find my musings on the site every other Thursday. My first post – about the hunt for an agent – went up a few weeks ago. So, expect a new one this week! Thanks to the amazing Steve Weddle for bringing me onboard!

So, right. How do you query your book to agents? Good question – and one that has no single, right answer! At least that I know of.
I’ve only queried crime fiction, so that’s what I’ll speak to.
My experience with having an agent is limited. I had one a while back and we parted ways – nothing bad, just wasn’t working, it happens – and I currently have one. But my situation – like anyone else’s – is unique, so take everything I say with a grain of salt.