I’ve been blown away by all the nice things people have had to say about my first crime novel, Silent City. Even happier to say we’ve got a few more great advance blurbs to share.

Codorus Press has been great about messaging out some of the wonderful plugs the book’s gotten, but I figured it’d be nice to have the new ones all in one place. For me, the best part of seeing these blurbs involves having writers you admire – and read as a fan! – say they like your work. Sara Gran is not only a great friend and mentor in the wacky world of publishing, but a writer I genuinely admire – I’ll buy and read anything she puts out. Same goes for Adam Christopher and Kevin Flynn, the latter a real standout true crime writer. If you haven’t read the Claire DeWitt books, Empire State or Notes on a Killing, do yourself a favor and check them out.

Oh yeah, blurbs. Here’s what they’ve got to say about Silent City, which comes out Oct. 29 (you can pre-order the book on Amazon now, though!):

“Silent City screams off the page! Someone lock Alex Segura in a room until he churns out more tales of Pete Fernandez’s Miami! As someone once wrote, ‘Please sir, I want more.'” – Kevin Flynn, author of NOTES ON A KILLING, LEGALLY DEAD and OUR LITTLE SECRET

“Silent City is a noir page-turner I couldn’t put down, a race through the Miami tourists don’t see. I loved the book, and can’t wait for the next one. Alex Segura is a writer to watch.” – Sara Gran, bestselling author of CLAIRE DEWITT AND THE BOHEMIAN HIGHWAY and CLAIRE DEWITT AND THE CITY OF THE DEAD

“Silent City is a page-turner right from the get-go, fast and furious and with plenty of bite.” – Adam Christopher, bestselling author of EMPIRE STATE and THE BURNING DARK

I’m also really stoked to finally have the final cover to the book, which was designed by the supremely talented Jeroen ten Berge, featuring an author photo by my dear friend Robert Kidd.

If you’ve already managed to snag a copy of Silent City, or plan on reading it – give the book some love on Goodreads, too, if you can?

More updates as they come in. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support throughout this process!