In case the album cover to the left of the blog and above this text didn’t tip you off, I’m in a band called Faulkner Detectives with my good friends Vanessa Lopez, Meg Wilhoite and Elizabeth Keenan-Penagos. We also just released an EP – The Modern Handshake! More on that in this space soon.

Tim O’Shea is also a friend, and one I’ve known for some time. Back in the day I ran a comic news blog called The Great Curve (it makes me very sad I can’t find a link to the old content!). That eventually became Blog@Newsarama (I’d left for DC Comics before it launched) and later, what is now Robot 6. Crazy, huh? Anyway.

Tim was kind enough to ask us some questions about the EP, working with producer Jamie Muffett and Livid Records and all sort of stuff. You should check it out and make sure to visit TIm’s blog regularly. He’s a smart interviewer and picks really interesting subjects. Nope, not biased at all.