Silent City, my first novel, is coming out Oct. 29 from Codorus Press. Here’s the description of the crime novel:

Pete Fernandez is a mess. He’s on the brink of being fired from his middle-management newspaper job. His fiancée has up and left him. Now, after the sudden death of his father, he’s back in his hometown of Miami, slowly drinking himself into oblivion. But when a co-worker he barely knows asks Pete to locate a missing daughter, Pete finds himself dragged into a tale of murder, drugs, double-crosses and memories bursting from the black heart of the Miami underworld – and, shockingly, his father’s past. Making it up as he goes and stumbling as often as he succeeds, Pete’s surreptitious quest becomes the wake-up call he’s never wanted but has always needed – but one with deadly consequences. Welcome to Silent City, a story of redemption, broken friendships, lost loves and one man’s efforts to make peace with a long-buried past to save the lives of the few friends he has left.

I’m extremely lucky to be working with the great Codorus team, and I can’t wait for the book to be out and in the world. If you want to ensure you get a copy timed to release – good news! You can pre-order the paperback on Amazon. Additionally, it just went live on Goodreads, where you can add it to your “To-Read” shelf, review it (SOME people have read it) or suggest it to friends. Thanks again to everyone for the kind words of support and enthusiasm. You can keep up to date on the book by visiting the Codorus Press site as well as my own Facebook and Goodreads author pages. Also, if you want to reach out and ask me a question, you can do it via my Tumblr. Thanks in advance if you decide to pre-order, review, recommend or rate the book! It makes a difference.

Have a wonderful weekend!