I’m very excited to announce that I’ve signed a three-book deal with Polis Books!

The news hit today via Publishers Weekly, and I couldn’t be happier. The deal gives Polis rights to re-release my debut Miami crime novel, SILENT CITY, and launch two upcoming books, DOWN THE DARKEST STREET and DANGEROUS ENDS, continuing the series starring washed up journalist/reluctant PI Pete Fernandez.

This is huge news for me and I’m supremely honored to be part of the killer roster of crime authors Jason Pinter has put together at Polis Books.

Jason’s thoughtful, smart and inspired approach to publishing and his ability to nurture authors made Polis Books the ideal place to go with Pete, and I couldn’t be happier that his (mis)adventures have found a permanent home.

I feel like I’ve just been asked to join a championship team, and I can’t wait to line up next to some of the best writers I know (and some of my dearest crime writing friends), including Rob Hart, Patti Abbott, Bryon Quertermous, Dave White, Terrence McCauley, Jason Starr and more.

None of this would have been possible without my awesome agent Dara Hyde at the Hill Nadel Agency, whose even-handed and savvy approach to everything from book edits to publishing strategy made this a painless and amazing experience. Her passion for the work and her ability to determine what it would take to find the right home for these books proved invaluable. Thank you.

The publishing world rarely moves quickly, and I’m grateful for my colleagues and bosses at Archie Comics, my friends and my family for their help and support, which manifested itself in many ways.

I’d also like to thank Codorus Press and Wayne Lockwood for giving SILENT CITY its initial break and for being supportive and understanding throughout. I’ll never forget where Pete got his start.

Most importantly, I’d like to thank my amazing wife Eva for her support, love and guidance. I couldn’t do any of this alone.

I guess I have some writing to do!