• There’s no way to link to this without seeming a bit self-congratulatory, but whatever: I got promoted. This is exciting and I’m very happy about it. And such great company! Really stoked to have Ski on our team and I really respect and admire Paul and Harold. Congrats to them!

These last few years have been particularly amazing, and I have to thank Eva, my friends and family for that. Their support, love and general awesomeness made all of this possible. So, thank you.

• Finished my next Archie script over the weekend. It was an interesting challenge. I had a couple days to do the majority of the work on it, based on a rough outline I’d pieced together coming out of a discussion with our prez, Mike Pellerito. It was a great exercise in just sitting down and hammering it out. I think it turned out well. Fingers crossed. More details when we announce what it is. I promise it’ll be fun!

• Worth noting: Archie #635 – “Occupy Riverdale,” hits next month. Story’s by me, with lovely art by the very talented Gisele. It’s a fun story – and one that readers will hopefully feel treats the issue fairly. Gisele’s art alone is worth the purchase. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and did I mention Jill Thompson did a variant cover for the issue? Yeah. She’s wonderful.