I was ecstatic when CRIMESPREE MAGAZINE reviewed SILENT CITY on their website – and liked it. Reviewer Dan Malmon had this to say:

Alex Segura nails the mood his first time out with his debut novel, SILENT CITY. He takes the reader on a rough and tumble tour of his hometown of Miami, Florida. But hold on – this isn’t the Miami of USA Network’s Burn Notice. No one is cracking wise with a drink by the ocean; Segura’s Miami is haunted by a silent killer while our hero is haunted by his failures.

I was doubly honored to find the review also made it’s way into the print edition of the venerable crime magazine, with issue #54 – which also features an interview with one of my favorite authors, Lawrence Block, along with the usual dose of excellent content.

In addition to the great review, though, the issue also features an excerpt from SILENT CITY – the entire first chapter – in print. This is pretty cool because CRIMESPREE was actually Pete Fernandez’s first home, as my short story “Quarters for the Meter” made its debut there, in issue #44. You can find it as a “DVD extra” to the main novel if you buy a copy of SILENT CITY.

But that’s not all! The issue also features another great review of the book, this time from Bryan VanMeter – who’s an excellent crime writer in his own right. Bryan had some really nice things to say about the book, including likening SILENT CITY to Ellroy, which is the highest praise I can imagine:

Segura does for Miami what Ellroy does for L.A., turning our heads from the gleaming lights to the bodies beneath the streets. It is a dark tale with a dark hero that is impossible to turn away from.

Wonderful thoughts from two great critics and a sampling of the book – I can’t ask for more. I’m totally grateful to Jon and Ruth Jordan, Dan Malmon and Bryan VanMeter. Thanks for the kind words and support.

Did I mention the Lawrence Block interview? Because if that doesn’t entice you to pick up the new issue, I don’t know what will!