The picture above – me holding a for-reals CD of music written and recorded by Faulkner Detectives, the band I’m in with Elizabeth Keenan-Penagos, Meg Wilhoite and Vanessa Lopez – still seems unreal, but it’s true: we put out an EP via indie label Livid Records.

You can buy The Modern Handshake pretty much everywhere: AmazoniTunes, eMusicour BandCamp page and via Livid Records, if you want a hard copy. You can also stream it on Spotify. Heck, you can scroll down a bit and listen to it right here!

I’d like to thank Jamie Muffett for his patient and thoughtful production on the EP, Chuck and everyone at Livid Records for taking a chance on us and putting this record out, artist Jade Phillips for her amazing cover photo, Katie Muffett for her band photos, Threshold Studios for letting us record there, our practice spaces at Funkadelic and The Studio and all the significant others, friends, family and fans that have made it to our shows and helped us get to this point. Most importantly, I’d like to give my fellow band members a hug and high-five. I’m lucky to be in a band with such cool, creative people.