Please allow me a meta-moment to apologize for keeping things somewhat light here. Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with my crime fiction blogging at Do Some Damage and my daily blathering on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

Last we spoke, I was talking up an event at La Casa Azul Bookstore. Needless to say, it went great. Aurora and her team were supremely welcoming and I hope I have the chance to visit again. Everyone should check the store out and support indie bookstores around the ‘hood.

Speaking of, I was sad to hear about the eventual closing of Astoria’s Enigma Bookstore. As some of you know, I’ve done a few events there and I’ve found the owners to be really smart, caring and dedicated people who love the books they’re selling and promoting. Enigma will continue in some form as an events organizer. Click here for more details. I wish them the best of luck.

The end of the year is looking to be busy and energizing, with a book festival and some major cons looming.

  • I’ll be signing and selling copies of my debut mystery novel, SILENT CITY, at The Brooklyn Book Festival on Sunday, 9/21 from 2:30-3:30pm at the Mystery Writers of America table. I’ll be joined by fellow author Liz Zelvin. Should be fun. Booth #624.
  • Next up is Long Beach Comic Con (9/27-9/28). I’ll be a guest of the show and also there in an official capacity as per my day job. I’ll be on a bunch of panels and running around, so please try to find me. Once the convention has posted their full event schedule, I’ll share it here.
  • The ever-present New York Comic Con hits 10/9-10/12, and I’ll be stationed at the Archie Comics booth signing a few times over the weekend and moderating a handful of panels. More info when I have it.
  • I’m very happy to confirm that I’ll be a guest at Murder & Mayhem in Milwaukee on 11/1. The one-day crime event features a kick-ass list of authors and is hosted by some of my favorite people in the world (the Crimespree family). I’ll be on a few panels and also signing books and wandering around. Hope you can make it.
  • Last and definitely not least, I’ll be at Bouchercon 2014 – Murder at the Beach in Long Beach, CA (11/13-11/16). Yup – I’ll be hopping to the LBC twice this year. Snoop Dogg would be proud. Bouchercon will be announcing panel details soon, I’m sure, and I’m excited to be involved in this, the biggest crime and mystery event of the year. Find me if you’re there!

On the writing front, the first of two ARCHIE issues I wrote hits next week – ARCHIE #659 is a fun romp drawn by Pat and Tim Kennedy with a killer variant cover by Mike Norton. I’ve loved the Kennedys’ work for some time, especially their recent stuff on LIFE WITH ARCHIE, so it was great to collaborate with them on this. Add to that a cover by Norton, who I also love – especially his hit webcomic BATTLEPUG and the amazing and unsung REVIVAL at Image – and you’ve got an issue that’ll hopefully prove to be a lot of fun. Did I mention the Archies turn into animals? Yeah, that happens.

I’m plugging away at Pete Book 3 and cooking up a few short stories to keep things warm while I sit on my hands waiting for news on the second Pete book, Down the Darkest Street. As soon as I can say anything, you’ll know.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon!